Common name: Decaisne’s Cremanthodium   
Cremanthodium decaisnei C.B.Clarke is a small alpine herb found in almost all alpine zones blooming during rainy season.
The flower heads are always nodding and solitary on scapes.
Here photographed in Kedarnath area Uttarakhand. Uploaded photo is reproduced from my optical photograph taken in 1996.

Thanks … all these efforts of digitising and uploading your photographs.


Cremanthodium species from Paddar valley J&K : Attachments (1).  3 posts by 2 authors.

Kindly confirm the ID

Botanical name: Cremanthodium decaisnei
Family: Compositae
Location: Paddar valley Kishtwar J&K.
Date: 7th August 2011
Altitude: 5200 meters asl
Habit/habitat: Wild herb

I think yes




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Pl. check comparative images at genus page in efi site. 

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Image of Cremanthodium decaisnei : Attachments (1)- 3 mb. 

Cremanthodium decaisnei    
Captured – Tehri Garhwal
Altitude – approximately 4300m
Captured by- Sunit Singh Chauhan
Research Scholar HNB Central University Garhwal Uttarakhand