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A small, ornamental, potted plant seen at the show in MNP on 31/3/13.
Astrophytum again?

seems to be euphorbia horrida

I’ll give you a start …, It’s Euphorbia, not sure which one off hand. Several that look similar to me.

Euphorbia fruiticosis ?

Thanks for the follow up and possible ids.
On searching, could this be Euphorbia meloformis, common name Melon Spurge?
Just a guess.
Experts kindly validate.


Euphorbiaceae Fortnight : For ID : BBC Show,MNP,Mumbai : 061113 : AK-4 :  Attachments (2). 5 posts by 2 authors.
A Euphorbia seen at the Bonsai, Bougainvillea & Cacti Show at Maharashtra Nature Park, Mumbai in March 2013.

This is also an introduced garden plant, which I am unable to identify.

Thanks for the efforts taken to identify and resurface my post.
During earlier posting of these pictures on our group, Euphorbia horrida & Euphorbia fruticosis were suggested.
On searching, it looked close to Euphorbia meloformis to me.

Can you check for Euphorbia infausta?
The images available seem to match with my pictures.

Kindly check the following link.



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