Cactus For ID : MNP,Mumbai : 050513 : AK-7 : Attachments (2). 7 posts by 2 authors.
A small Cactus seen at the BBC Show in MNP, Mumbai on 30/3/13.
Cultivated, ornmental, potted plant.

Another Euphorbia …, But again, I really cannot tell which species.

Some type of Euphorbia.

On searching, could this be Corn Cob Euphorbia, Euphorbia mammillaris?



Euphorbiaceae Fortnight : For ID : BBC Show,Mumbai : 061113 : AK-9 : Attachments (2). 4 posts by 2 authors.
Seen at the BBC Show in Mumbai.
Suggested id was Euphorbia species on our group when posted earlier by me.
Kindly correct me if wrong.

This seems to be an introduced garden plant. I have not been able to identify it.

On searching, could this be Euphorbia mammillaris, Corn Cob Euphorbia? Just a guess.

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