Crassula perfoliata L. var. minor (Haw.) G. D. Rowley, Cact. Succ. J. Gr. Brit. 40:53. 1978 (Syn: (=) Crassula falcata J. C. Wendl. ;(≡) Larochea falcata var. minor Haw. (basionym)); 

Crassula falcata, known by the common names airplane plant and propeller plant, is a succulent plant endemic to South Africa, from the Cape of Good Hope.  

The foliage is gray-green with striking texture, on plants that grow to 2 feet (0.61 m) tall. The flowers are tiny and scarlet red, that rise in dense clusters above the foliage for a month in summer.  
Crassula falcata is cultivated for use in drought tolerant and succulent gardens, and in container gardens.[1][2][3]
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Seen at the BBC, Show at Maharashtra Nature Park, in Mumbai on 29/3/13.

Crassula falcata, known as the Propeller Plant.
Small, potted, cultivated plant.
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Very nice Falcata! What is the green plant behind it.. that looks interesting also.

Looks like C. falcata to me …,

A nice one, but then I really cannot grow them well.



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Will this be Crassula falcata or Crassula perfoliata subsp. falcata?

GRIN does not give any Crassula perfoliata subsp. falcata.
It only gives Crassula falcata J. C. Wendl., which is a syn. of Crassula perfoliata L. var. minor (Haw.) G. D. Rowley

Also pl. see efi page: Crassula perfoliata var. minor



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