Gerbera jamesonii ?;

Validation of a composite from Mahe : 19 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)- 3 mb each.
Request for validation of a composite from Mahe photographed in September 2019.
Is it Gerbera jamesonii?

Leaves and habit are not clear.

So, I can not say much.

Looks different from Gerbera jamesonii

It is also Gerbera jamesonii, … Leaves in this case are indicative. Sometimes, angle of the click changes everything. That’s why, we suggest members to click from different angles

Ok, …

This is not Gerbera species. Let me check further.

Looks more like a Helianthus species hybrid variety. Tithonia diversifolia (2nd option).

Is it a big shrub like a tree or a medium sized plant. Photographs of the leaves would help to check  the ID.

It is a medium sized plant,

…, kindly share the side view of the plant and approximate height. Clicks of leaves from both sides will be useful.

As of now I may not have any other pictures of this plant. Anyhow I will search my collections for more pictures.

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