Aster peduncularis Wall ex Nees, Gen. Sp. Aster. 24 (1832);

Aster peduncularis in FOI:
Your images of Aster peduncularis in FOI look different from Specimens in GBIF.
Pl. check.
To me this id is doubtful.

Thank you … for bringing this up. I have considered this plant carefully, and compared with herbarium specimens and the description. With long peduncles, lanceolate upper leaves, and 2-3 cm flower-heads, to me it appears to agree reasonably well with Aster peduncularis, and also with the attached GBIF specimen. Unfortunately, because of the tall grass around the plant, we could not capture the lower leaves. I will have a relook at it, and see if there is a better match. Maybe in another visit I can find the plant again.

For me neither the leaves nor the phillaries are matching.

Okay, I will look at it further. Meanwhile if someone can suggest a better match with another species, I will be happy to know.

In my opinion, Aster peduncularis is the closest match for this plant, as of now, with no major discrepancies, w.r.t. the description here. So, I would rather leave it as it is until some more clarity comes up.

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