Ligularia sibirica (L.) Cass., Dict. Sci. Nat. ed. 2. 26: 402 (1823) (syn: Cineraria sibirica (L.) L. ; Hoppea sibirica (L.) Rchb.Othonna sibirica L.Senecillis sibirica (L.) Simonk.Senecio sibiricus (L.) Druce; Cacalia elata Spreng. ex DC.Cineraria cacaliformis Lam.Cineraria elata Steud.; Cineraria speciosa Fisch. ex Turcz.Ligularia bucovinensis NakaiLigularia cacaliiformis (Lam.) NakaiLigularia cebennensis RouyLigularia euodon Miq.Ligularia longipes Pojark.Ligularia pojarkovana S.W.Liu & T.N.HoLigularia reichenbachii Steud.Ligularia ucrainica MinderovaSenecio cacaliifolius Sch.Bip.Senecio cacaliifolius var. cebennensis RouySenecio cacaliiformis Rchb.f.Senecio emodensis Sch.Bip.Senecio ligularia Hook.f.Senecio tasimensis Franch. ex Koidz.);
E. Central Europe to Russian Far East and N. China: Altay, Amur, Bulgaria, Buryatiya, Central European Rus, Chita, Czechoslovakia, East European Russia, Hungary, Inner Mongolia, Irkutsk, Kazakhstan, Khabarovsk, Krasnoyarsk, Manchuria, Mongolia, North Caucasus, North European Russi, Northwest European R, Pakistan, Poland, Primorye, Romania, Transcaucasus, Turkey, Tuva, Ukraine, West Himalaya, West Siberia, Yakutskiya, Yugoslavia; Introduced into: Austria, France, Italy as per POWO;


Please help to identify the posted pics… shot from Valley of Flowers…..
the ray florets are smaller than both the posted species of Ligularia..
I have only these photographs.. hope to get clues..

Habitat and leaf images please !

Ligularia ?

Yes. Ligularia sibirica is possible, but I am not getting a detailed description to check.

Only Ligularia amplexicaulis, 2- L. fischeri, 3- L. sibirica are known to occur in Uttarakhand as per the information in following document:
Uniyal,B.P., Sharma,J.R., Choudhery,U. and Singh,D.K. 2007. Flowering Plants of Uttarakhand (A Check List). BSMP, Dehradun.

I think the length of the fray florets may not be judgeable until open fully.

What do you say, …

POWO   Catalogue of Life

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