Due to uncertainty of programme with possible election duties of …, this could not announced on the group, but finally we have managed a short trip to Uttarakhand starting today evening and coming back on 3rd June. Our main focus would be Chopta, considered as mini Switzerland, We may explore surrounding areas spending some time at Rishikesh, Lansdowne and Srinagar. Hope to get some good photographs, especially of orchids as our orchid expert … is joining us. Myself, my wife, … and … would be visiting the area, … having to cancel due to some health problem. Any suggestions about areas to focus, especially from … who know the area very well, are welcome.
I won’t be able to participate in Asteraceae Fortnight for first three days, but possibly try to compensate 4th onwards. …, I am sure will keep you busy with uploads in our absence.

Very happy to know that this programme has finalized, I was a part of this team…have to skip in the last…I wish all of you enjoy a great journey full of orchids and other flowers..would have been a great learning and fun for me..sitting idle at home…Any ways, BEST OF LUCK…HAVE A GREAT TOUR…I will keep in touch..as my mind will be wandering along..

I have suggested to … about it.

In this area some very good oak forests (Q.semecarpifoila and Q.leucotrichophora) exist below Chopta (around Dugalbitta) where temperate orchids will be abundant. If you take another route for return, via Mandal – Gopeshwar – Chamoli- Rudraprayag; it is rewarding with dense foreests between Chopta to Mandal.
On way to Tungnath Rhododendron campanulatum will be in bloom near timberline. May found Corydalis diphylla, Trillium govanianum, Primula sessilis, P.edgeworthii, P.denticulata too in this route. However, a typical habitat of three species of Cypripediun (as … has mentioned) is difficult to approach as it is behind temple on very steep slope.
If visiting Tungnath an alpine garden of Garhwal University may be visited for few important medicinal plants, it is visible from the route.
As always in the high altitudes, rain or hail may greet in the afternoon.

reached just now in haridwar at 1:00 Am Staying in Haridwar and will move towards Chopta in Morning. Thanks … for Best wishes and … for further suggestions.

Thanks for all the good wishes. Yes we enjoyed the trip and had some interesting clicks. We will upload soon.

Chopta itself is a nice place and you might need lot of time to spend on it. You might like going up to Tunganath if you wish. Below the lower gate of Tunganath there are scatterred forests around which is
good. On the moss covered rocks you might find Pleione flowering in these days and on ground Goodyera viridiflora. If you go up and if you are lucky to find the spot then you can find Dactylorrhiza, Gymnadenia
and also three species of Slipper Orchids, Cypripedium cordigerum, C. elegans and C. himalaicum in flower. In the lower part you will find lot of Dendrobiums, Eria, Coelogyne etc. If you check the streams in the evening you might see the cascade frog, Amolops formosus.


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