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A herb at Tsongmo Lake, Sikkm
19May, 2013

Is it an orchid?

Not an Orchid. It is a species of Bergenia (Saxifragaceae), possibly B.purpurascens.

I think it is Bergenia, probably B. stracheyi

… should be correct. Saw the mail after hitting send button…and undo didn’t work 🙁

Certainly not Coelogyne, with is an epiphytic orchid and different coloured flowers.
… is correct that it is Bergenia purpurascens. Not B.stracheyi which is not recorded in E.Himalaya. Has purplish flowers with leaves
without margin finely toothed with bristle-like hairs.
Recorded amongst rocks & open slopes from Central Nepal to SW China @ 3600-4700m.  The common alpine species of C & E Nepal.