Let us make interactions enjoyable :

All of us coming from diverse fields and different professions have joined this group with sole purpose of sharing information, gaining information from others who don’t belong to your profession but have intimate contact with plants in nature, and above all enjoying these interactions. Luckily with examples high standards of interactions set by our senior colleagues like … and others, the interactions are much more harmonious than many other groups I am familiar with. Thanks to all the members for maintaining this high level of cordiality, so that we all enjoy to share information, in a forum where you are solely involved for the sake of your mental satisfaction.
We are also aware that in a such a large group, difference of opinion are bound to arise, but let us give our opinions (mostly based on evidence) without belittling of offending other members the least. All of us have different levels of knowledge, and may find an opinion given by a particular member not up to mark, but please let us not make judgments on others, and simply give our opinion and leave it on others to infer.
Let us all make efforts to share knowledge with a smile and take group to new heights.

Thanks … Such refreshing thoughts are nice; reminds us of introspecting our own thoughts. I think it is best to bear an attitude that we carry with us when we are in any temple.

Yes Sir, Everybody should agree upon these pertinent points. The very purpose of interaction is lost, if it takes slightest turn from the intention it is floored for..each and every member on this great forum is equal in terms of commitment and participation..and is given due respect and honour..we are lucky to have a very wide spectrum of nature lovers, expert scientists…and hopefully the atmosphere in this forum will always be enjoyable and cheering and each of us will always love to interact and share…thanks..

Aptly pointed out sir.

I feel that many a times we tries to reach to the identity of a plant (represented by pics only here) without sufficient morphological evidences since specimen is not in our hand. Most authoritative identification is always based on the study of plant specimen and literature. particularly in case of the genera where species are hard to differentiate (example-Anaphalis species). This point should be kept in mind while identifying our pics.

Very true … In fact you must have noticed that many of us use sentences like “I hope…………”, “I think…………” even if we may be 99 % sure about identification, but luckily good close ups take us much further than first hand study. Let us make best use of caution, but also be happy that success rate of identifications on this group if more than 90 percent, and we also reassess our old identifications frequently. All this would not have been possible without our dedicated experts.

The minimum we can do is show respect and gratification to these experts, especially in light of the fact that they are providing this service, in hundreds of identifications . Compare this with our Government official websites. BSI charges Rs. 100 for identification of each well-prepared herbarium sheet. Here just take a photograph and get it identified for free.

One more advantage for an old person like me gets from this forum. Learning some thing new negates the attack of Alzheimer.

I support your view partly, while disagree on the very basic point.
This is a science forum and we all are grown up persons.
Surely, the interactions must be polite enough not to hurt any member in this group.
Our prime goal is zero error data bank.
Each member wants to know 1) ID of his/her plants, or/and 2) related info, or/and 3) enhance his/her knowledge.
The knowledge must be true knowledge, not sugar coated mental satisfaction.

I 100% disagree with you. This is a science forum, not a temple. Interactions are bound to head bitter way, sometimes.

I think, if we want to know how science works we should overlook every other trivia, like, personal ego, heaps of certificates, self-patting.

I agree 100%, except the very first line. A species, displayed in submitted pics, must thoroughly be scrutinized before reaching a particular species level id. Otherwise it better be left at genus or family level.