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Requesting to please ID this plant with stalked Red flowers captured in San Francisco, USA in May 2013.

Mam please also take pics of leaves to confirm otherwise your request gets wasted.

If I had to guess then I would say Eschscholzia californica hybrid.

Thank you for the possible ID ….

I will also upload the pics of leaves as well now onwards….., however, I do not have the pics of the leaves for this plant 🙁

Tulipa sp.?

Yes Tulipa sp, although one leaf (which confused …) belongs to different plant.

Its all very well to give an idea of the diagnosis based on a single pic of buds … but … comment is to the point and correct…
TO be precise NOT a fully opened flower, BUT A BUD (three of them) … looks like tulip buds…
BUT … IS RIGHT >>> I find its more productive if we include the whole plant (when small) and take a couple of pictures of leaves, even when we are rushing thru a botanical garden, or roadside show or weeds or a flower show… and our companions may not stop like we do… and this is esp important when we are visiting distant shores and countries where we may not return for a few more years or in the same season?

We have many live examples of photography under duress… we only have to see what … and their co-trekkers brought back from the Valley of the Flowers and the KAS plateau last year… they were with non-photographer co-trekkers and still showed us all the pertinent shots/features… that’s the way I learn, by watching what these masters at photography under duress do and accomplish… their loads of pics were/are fantastik……

I wish all our members would catch up with … and his friends… then wouldn’t we have a feast for the eyes and the minds..?


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