Cyanotis beddomei (Hook.f.) Govaerts, Grosse Zander 2: 1825 (2008) (Syn: Cyanotis kewensis C.B.Clarke [Illegitimate]; Erythrotis beddomei Hook.f.; Tonningia kewensis (C.B.Clarke) Kuntze);

India (Kerala, Tamil Nadu) as per POWO;

Cyanotis beddomei (Hook.f.) Erhardt, Götz & Seybold submission AS30 December 22:
Here’s another rare Southern Western Ghats endemic plant addition to eFloraofIndia.
Cyanotis beddomei (Hook.f.) Erhardt, Götz & Seybold
Synonyms – Belosynapsis kewensis Hassk. & Cyanotis kewensis C.B.Clarke
Photographed in Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu
In November 2022

I was expecting this from your Kanyakymari visit. Thank you for sharing.

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