I require reference data (herbarium sheet references) for Aster molliusculus var. minor Grierson and Hieracium umbellatum var. lanceolatum Hook. f., Blumea hieracifolia var. macrostachya (DC.) Hook. f.
Can anybody help me with these.

DrRR Rao brought out an enumeration of ASTERACEAE which is quite good. Grierson brought out Flora of Bhutan after BSI published a volume.

I myself checked many genera of Asteraceae in CAL as specimens like Gynura crepidioides (Trop Ecol ) and I findCAL HERBARIUM which has much older collections than KEW should be consulted for any taxonomic work. I myself worked at KEW and BMNH for one year. I wwidh you contact Dr Narasimhan now at CAL wo can help you ashe i from Pune -BSI when I celebrated Bicent of Linnaeus in PUNE- Mumbai also in 78.. WHEELS OF YEARS TURN.


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