Image by Shrikant Ingalhalikar, identified by Aaron Floden 

UNID Plants on Dzongri Trek: N. Sikkim, Polygonatum : Attachments (1).  5 posts by 3 authors.

Pls ID this small herb 20-30 m tall. Polygonatum? Leaves about 6 cm. Flowers 1 cm.
Found at Bakhim 3000 m elevation in April.

It is Polygonatum punctatum. This species is one of the few with an urceolate perianth and pink spots. I would assume this was growing as an epiphyte? I have seen specimens of this species and P. brevistylum from Bakhim.
Is there anyone who could assist with fieldwork in Arunachal Pradesh? I have been working with a friend in Belgium to access the relatively unexplored higher elevation areas near Myanmar. All my maps have a large blank area from Bhutan across AP and Myanmar and then sites in NW Yunnan, China.

Prof Virendrakumar is Indian authority on Polygonatum for half century  .He joined me in high altitude exploraortion up to Tsolamo lake in Sikkim. Dr VK visited Shillong in 59 and published many papers on Polygonatum and Rhododendron also.

… Arunachal formerly called NEFA and well explored by RSRao accompanied by Joseph, Kammathy, Sastry, Balakrishnan before 1960. Bhutan was surveyed by my colleagues and Fr Santapau asked us all at CAL to publish checklist..
Sikkim I myself explored well but could not cover Zemu Glacier region which was studied by WWSmith and Cave. Almost 5000 species were identified by myself before 1991. HimalyanJls of Hooker were my spl interest .. Defence area now open to tourists also we need young blood to follow foot steps of WW Smith.
I am wondering when my 5000 slides will be digitised for Google Images! I am glad you visited Gangtok. I visted my old CNH in April ans spent many hrs with a dozen young botanists who are willing to help any from India as it i trdition of CAL since 1890. there is no substitute for KYDS GARDEN and BSI of G.KING.