Drypetes sepiaria (Wight & Arn.) Pax & K.Hoffm., Pflanzenr. IV, 147, XV: 271 1922. (syn: Hemicyclia sepiaria Wight & Arn.; Hemicyclia sepiaria var. australasica Baill.; Hemicyclia sepiaria var. oblongifolia Benth.);
India, Sri Lanka as per WCSP;
Common name: Hedge Boxwood • Malayalam: Vellakasavu, Veeramaram • Tamil: Kalvirai, Aadumilukkan, Veerai, Kaayalakkamaram, Vellilambu

Evergreen trees, to 15 m high, bark grey, thin, smooth; branchlets yellowish or blackish, terete. Leaves simple, alternate; stipules small, caducous; petiole 3-8 mm, stout, puberulent; lamina 2-9 x 1.5-4.5 cm, ovate, elliptic, ovate-oblong, ovate-elliptic or orbicular, base round or cordate, apex obtuse or round and retuse, margin entire or crenate, thickly coriaceous, glabrous, shining; lateral nerves 4-8 pairs, slender, pinnate, obscure, ascending, intercostae reticulate, obscure. Flowers unisexual, yellowish, in axillary clusters; male flowers: pedicel 4-7 mm, pubescent; tepals 4, 3-4 x 2.5-3.5 mm, small, concave, ciliate, obtuse, imbricate; stamens 6-10; filaments 2 mm, free; anthers oblong; disc disciform or shortly cupular; female flowers: pedicel 1-10 mm long, pubescent; tepals 4, 2-4 x 1.7-3.5 mm, small, concave, ciliate; disc annular, crenate; ovary ovoid, 1-1.5 mm across, 1-locular, ovules 2; style 1; stigma broad, cupular, peltate, fimbriate. Fruit a drupe 8 mm across, globose, glabrous, red; epicarp crinkled; seed 1, arillate.       

Flowering and fruiting: January-April
Dry and moist deciduous forests, also the sacred groves in the plains
Peninsular India and Sri Lanka

Drypetes sepiaria ? :
May I know, this plant is Drypetes sepiaria; if not please help me; it is small tree in eastrenghats.

Yes, it does look like Drypetes sepiaria.
Nice pictures!

This is Drypetes sepiaria (Euphorbiaceae).



Drypetus sepiaria (Wt. &Arn.) Pax & Hoffm. SN Feb-16 :  Attachments (2). 2 posts by 2 authors.
Drypetus sepiaria (Wt. &Arn.) Pax & Hoffm. (= Hemicyclia sepiaria Wt & Arn.), Fam: Euphorbiaceae

shrub, stem hard, leaves coriaceous,
South Chennai, Scrub jungle

How do you expect someone to identify a photo without flowers or fruits. Please do the needful. Yes. it looks like D. sepiaria.

Dryptes sepiaria : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)- 1 Mb each.
Found in Puthupattu near Pondicherry.

Another picture.

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May I request you to pl. post your images of Drypetes sepiaria for incorporation in efloraofindia.

Pl find attached the photos as requested

The ID is correct. This is very common in Chennai surroundings.