Ruellia patula ?;
The key in Flora of Pakistan reads:
Erect shrublet with hoary shoots. Flowers pale-white. Capsule glabrous, 8-10-seeded 1 Ruellia patula
Prostrate to procumbent, ± pubescent herb. Flowers purple-violet. Capsule sparsely hairy, 16-20-seeded 2 Ruellia prostrata



Saw this tiny purple flower at a plant nursery in Muscat couple of days ago. (6.3.16)

Kindly help in id.

Pl. check with comparative images of Ruellia species

Thanks … I will try searching further.

It looks like Ruellia repens L

Thank you for suggested id.

This one also Ruellia patula

I too agree with Ruellia patula,