Thlaspi griffithianum (Boiss.) Boiss., Fl. Nouv. Calédonie Dépend. 1: 329 1867. (Syn: Carpoceras griffithianum Boiss.; Thlaspi cochleariforme subsp. griffithianum (Boiss.) Jafri; Thlaspi wendelboi Rech.f.)?;


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I am sending some plants which were snapped recently from Chansil Pass in Simla  3800m. Kindly put them  on your site for further confirmation

efi page on Noccaea griffithiana (= Thlaspi griffithianum)



Flora of Pakistan (Thlaspi griffithianum (Boiss.) Boiss.)   GRIN The Plant List Ver. 1.1 (Thlaspi griffithianum (Boiss.) Boiss.- syn. of Thlaspi caerulescens J.Presl & C.Presl