Crepis dachhigamensis G.Singh, Forest Flora of Srinagar, P. 127, Fig. 7, 1976;

by Gurcharan Singh (Inserted by J.M.Garg) (For more images & complete details,
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Another species described by me in 1976. I have yet to capture this in my camera, so enclosing photo of herbarium sheet. The isotype is here:

Reproduced from my book
Crepis dachhigamensis G. Singh, Forest Flora of Srinagar, P. 127, Fig. 7, 1976.
Species Crepis sancta L. subsimilis sed distat: folia radiculia 2-4, raceptaculum nudus, achaenia rigida longioribus, bractae rigida alevato costatus, longioribus.
Planta annua, caule simplici vel parce ramosa. Folia radicalia 2-4, petiolata, lamina oblanceolata vel lanceolata, pilosa, margine dentibus paucis; caulina pauca, lanceolata, 4-10 cm longa, basiauriculis acutis. Capitulis 10-15 mm in diametro, longe pedunculatis, pedunculus subglabris; raceptaculum nudum. Involucrum 2 seriatum, bracteis externis vix 2-3 mm longis, internis 8-14 mm longis, fructicandi tempore saepe ad 18 mm, costa elevata. Flores ligulati lutei. Achaenia anguste cylindrica, versus apicem angustata, rigida, 7-10 mm longa. Pappus album, mollis, 5-8 mm longum.
Holotypus: In dedivibus supra Harwan, Kashmir, alt. 1900 m: Gurcharan Singh No. 623. In Herbario Departmenti Phytologiae, Universitas Kashmiriensis, Srinagar conservatur.
Annual herb, simple or sparsely branched. Radical leaves 2-4, oblanceolate or lanceolate, hairy, petioled, margins with few sharp teeth; cauline leaves few, lanceolate, lanceolate, 4-10 cm long, base with acute auricles. Heads on long almost naked branched peduncles, 10-15 mm across, ligulate. Involucre bracts 2 seriate, outer hardly 2-3 mm long, inner linear, 8-14 mm long, elongating in fruiting to often 18 mm, midrib prominent and raised, raceptacle naked. Florets ligulate, yellow. Achenes narrowly cylindrical, narrowed above, rigid, 7-10 mm long. Pappus soft, white, 5-8 mm long, hairs simple.
Holotype: Slopes above Harwan, Kashmir, alt. 1900 m: Gurcharan Singh No. 623. Deposited in the Herbarium of Botany Department, Kashmir University , Srinagar.  

Hope you find this very soon for digital imaging of the species.. great to know that this particular species is again described by you.. 1976 was really very productive..

It was when my book based on my PhD thesis was published.