Requesting to please ID this herb growing wild captured in Mumbai in June 2013. The leaf has a very peculiar leaf shape

This could be Theriophonum dalzelii Schott.

Correct spelling is Theriophonum dalzellii.

Could be Theriophonum or Typhonium, impossible to tell from the leaf alone. In both genera the leaf shape is rather variable. The only Theriophonum dalzellii I have encountered in the field was near Rajapur in the Ratnagiri District and that form had more sagittate leaves rather than hastate leaves. The leaves on the pictures remind me of a young Typhonium trilobatum but without a flower it is impossible to name.

Requesting to please provide ID of the plant captured at Mumbai in June 2013.

This was posted in the family week here.
Pascal Bruggerman had provided a possible ID as Typhonium trilobatum.


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