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Posting a photo for Id of  Flower (sorry for little blurred image). I am also posting buds of the same plant.
Date – 13.8.2007
Location – Near Five Gardens, Mumbai

Some Apocynaceae member…  can it be Rauwolfia densiflora ??

it is Putia grandifloraApocynaceae
i have also observed this at 5 gardens. i assume not much plants of this species are there in Mumbai.

I think there is some spelling mistake as I could not find any Putia grandiflora on google search.
Pl. clarify.

it is my mistake, actually i identified this plant may be around in 2006 so made a mistake in the spelling
 the actual spelling is
Pootia grandifolia Miq. Fl. Ned. Ind. 2: 417, 1857; Verslagen Meded. Afd. Natuurk. Kon. Akad. Wetensh. 6: 193, 1857.
Synonym: Pootia grandiflora in Gurucharan Singh Randhawa and Mukhopadhyay, Floriculture in India 161, 1986.Voacanga grandifolia (Miq.) Rolfe J. Bot. 21: 202, 1883. Orchipeda grandifolia (Miq.) Miq.  in Rolfe, R.A. Journal of Botany, British and Foreign 21: 202, 1883.