Plant for ID – Elagiri hills-5
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Another plant for id from Elagiri hills.

Strobilanthus ?

Some Asystasia sp.

Looks like Asystasia gangetica (L.) T. And. of Acanthaceae.

But please provide more details.

… to me it does not look like A. gangetica.
Will wait for comments.

It could be Asystasia chelonoides (Acanthaceae).
There are two varieties reported; chelonoides and quadrangularis.
Since I dont have reference with key or description I am not able to tell you which variety.

Recently … has stated in another thread



(Is it Asystasia ? ID25062013) as

A.chelonoides is now A.chelonoides Nees var.variabilis [Nees in DC] Almeida [comb.Nov.]. It is a separate species.

Illustration at FOC shows A.chelonoides Nees as a syn. of A. nemorum.
Dinesh ji has also raised similar issues at

In view of the above, pl. identify the posted species.