Pterygota alata 2 ? : Attachments (1). 1 post by 1 author.

Same seedling from the previous post.



Is this Pterygota alata Attachments (1). 2 posts by 2 authors.
One year old potted seedling in Hyderabad. Seed collected from Western Ghats; seed flat, ovoid and winged. Could this be Pterygota alata?
Help in ID appreciated.





ficus? Hooghly 29-01-13 sk2:  Found this wild plant that may grow to a tree or shrub in a village thicket. There were a few of them, wild, with various shapes of lamina. The last picture is of a second individual.
Species : UNKNOWN
H & H : 3 to 5 ft high, leaves are more than 1 ft long, both surface rough, stem hairy
Date : 29/1/13
Place : Hooghly

just a guess.. some Croton ?

Ficus heterophylla ?

Thank you very much …, i was reading description of Ficus heterophylla in the “Bengal Plants”, “Flora of British India”, “Flora Indica” and in FoC. I found that the following points, as have been described in the above documents, are missing in my plant –

  • according to FoC and F. B. I. the length of F. heterophylla leaf should be 15 cm or less, but this species has 1 ft long leaves (or slightly longer); Bengal Plants and Flora Indica do not give leaf size
  • unlike FoC description, i couldn’t find any stipule in this plant
Otherwise rest of the description seems to be ok with this plant.

when growing in the shade and covered by other plants F. heterophylla can have much larger leaves and their shape is very variable.

Thank you very much for the ID and its confirmation for one more time.

Flora of China writes, Stipules caducous”, so thats the reason you didnt find the stipule on plant.
I am attaching one reference for you. Please check Ficus heterophylla and then check the references on the list, most of them are there online for free, I checked a few too. There are illustrations too. Unfortunately no one writes that leaves are above 1 feet long sometimes. Buta s the name HETEROPHYLLA suggests that leaf shape and size would be certainyl variable. I assume you can actually write one article about the heterophyllous leaves of Ficus heterophylla.
If possible please check if you have any pic of the apex of the where new leaf buds are present.
I love Ficus and there are some more people likewho can be of help too if you can contact him.

what a nice paper
lists more than hundred ficus(es) in India
no wonder
I see a ficus looking tree and cant place in in my memory classification of about 10 …
this would help to know and not to go crazy when I cant classify something….
but where do I find a key? so that I can (slowly) (painstakingly)
to all of these 100+ ficus(es) ….?

Actually Ficus is not easy to describe and identify without fruits.
There should be some key in the flora of british India.

Thank you very much.
I don’t have any pic of the apex of this plant. Neither, did it secrete any latex when i plucked a leaf.

This is not F. heterophylla L.f., no matter what experience of … tells. Please wait until you have the flowers and fruits.

It may very well not be.
Ficus heterophylla was a guess based on available images and information

What a lot of persistent hard work on both of your parts… to recall a case from 2013 …
I personally think its not a ficus at all…. with that thin a leaf and crazy shapes …
this is most likely Pterygota alata var. Irregularis  of Sterculiaceae
there are two very nuice specimen…one each in the Hort and Kol Bot G…
it flowers in feb to march…
locally known in Bangla langauge as  Pagla gaachh  or mad tree, since noen of the leaves resemble each other… in size and shape…
found in Bengal India  (may be other states too) and Bangladesh..

… if you have all your pictures from last year you probably did see it at the HORT
its the first big tree after you come out of the office and turn right, it even has a prominent green backed label board with prominent white writing or vice versa .. cant remember which is newer board..
one at the Kol Bot G is even older tree  with quite prominent well developed buttresses …  if i remember correctly its on the path that leads towards the Ganges if   you are coming from the great banyan tree, quite a few hundred steps from it..

Perhaps I have missed both the trees in HORT or in Shibpur Bot., I fail to remember if I have noticed it there. This plant may be the same. I am not sure. Recently I have found it again where I did find Baliospermum I uploaded a few days ago. Moreover, a recent thread on Ficus reminded me of this thread. I do not know what this plant maybe. I would wait for its flowers or fruits or both! Till then it remains unresolved.

fair enough

if its pterygota alata var irregularis.. flowers in end of winter

so till then rememeber this thread or mark your calendar to revisit

if its a ficus most flower in spring as in now and fruit in middle of the hottest summer

By the way the red bead tree Adenanthera pavonia should start flowering now… be on the look out for it

Yes Didi, I will remain alert for both the trees.