Chondrilla juncea L., Sp. Pl. 2 796 1753. (Syn: Chondrilla acanthophylla ; Chondrilla acanthophylla Borkh.; Chondrilla angustissima Hegetschw.; Chondrilla crepoides ; Chondrilla filifolia Iljin; Chondrilla gaudini Hegetschw.; Chondrilla glomerata K.Koch; Chondrilla graminea M.Bieb.; Chondrilla graminifolia Fisch. [Invalid]; Chondrilla hajastana Sosn. ex Grossh.; Chondrilla hispida Desf.; Chondrilla intybacea Friv.; Chondrilla juncea var. acantholepis (Boiss.) Boiss.; Chondrilla juncea subsp. glabrescens Iljin; Chondrilla juncea var. graminea (M.Bieb.) Schmalh.; Chondrilla juncea var. latifolia (M.Bieb.) K.Koch ex Iljin; Chondrilla juncea subsp. macrocarpa Chrtek; Chondrilla laciniata Steven; Chondrilla latifolia M.Bieb.; Chondrilla lutea Dulac; Chondrilla rigens Rchb.; Chondrilla vallisoletana Pau; Chondrilla viminea Bubani; Chondrilla virgata J.Presl & C.Presl; Chondrilla viscosa Gilib. [Invalid]);

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Common name: Rush Skeleton-Weed, Naked weed 

Chondrilla juncea (Country Dandelion) Pl confirm. A weed found after monsoon.

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