Primula gambeliana Watt, J. Linn. Soc., Bot. 20(123-124): 3, pl. 1 3 1882.;
Common name: Gambel’s Primrose
Central & E. Himalaya to S. Tibet: East Himalaya, Nepal, Tibet as per POWO;


Unid from Tawang: TQ-Tawang-02 : Attachments (2). 9 posts by 4 authors.

A Primula species spotted in the Tawang region, Arunachal Pradesh, above 3000 m.
Found flowering in end June.
Please identify

I think of Primula edgeworthii……

The leaves of Primula edgeworthii are too large in comparison to the flowers. Also the scape seems to be very short in Primula edgeworthii. Apart from all this, Primula edgeworthii is a plant of W. Himalaya, seen till Nepal. Our plant is from extreme E. Himalaya.

I am not sure of ID but Primula edgeworthii as far as I know is found in NE himalaya too…

This may be Primula gambeliana Watt –

The precise Primulaworld link is here:

Clearly nothing like Primula edgeworthii (P.nana).
Primula gambeliana seems a sound suggestion. The images here seem to match those on FOI site. They do not match all the images on the Primula World site under this name but some could be wrong.
Not absolutely certain. According to ‘Flowers of Himalaya’ the petals should be notched – not all images on Primula World site are and altitudinal range given as 3600-4300m, so “above 3000m is low but this might mean well above and range in AP may be lower than for Nepal.   They say rock ledges.
Richards says amongst dwarf rhododendrons and mosses often in cervices on wet cliffs and amongst boulders also 3600m and above.
So the best I can say is perhaps.


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