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Typhonium roxburghii : Attachments (1). 4 posts by 4 authors.
Typhonium roxburghii from araceae family
Alibag,18 Jul,2009

It is definitely a Typhonium, and not the common T. trilobatum. Good possibility of being T. roxburghii.

More likely a member of the closely related genus Theriophonum. There is an undescribed Theriophonum growing in Maharashtra near Amba valley that looks similar in leaf but without the flower this plant from Alibag is impossible to ID. The differences between Typhonium and Theriophonum are small and hard to distinguish morphologically but a flower is really needed to positively ID this plant. Typhonium roxburghii generally has broader and shorter leaves.

On going through species in Flora of Peninsular India, Theriophonum infaustum may be possible as per details herein and as per
Taxonomic identity of Theriophonum danielii and T. Manickamii (Araceae) – M. SIVADASAN, V. ABDUL JALEEL, AHMED H. ALFARHAN AND P. LAKSHMINARASIMHAN June 2014 Bangladesh Journal of Plant Taxonomy 21(1).


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