05/07/2012 Pune

requesting identification of this weak wild herb with soft spiny leaves.
one unopened bud was seen

I found a half closed flower on the same plant attaching pixs of the same

Attaching pixs of flower and ?fruit of the plant.

can this plant be Annual Sow-thistle Sonchus oleraceus

ref http://www.naturemanitoba.ca/sites/default/files/AnnualSowThistle.pdf

the description of the flower head beginning to open; a wide pink stripe colors the back of each ligule matches the description of the flower head in my post. attching the pic of half opened flower head again for ref  

efi page on Sonchus oleraceus     

No efI post helps! I can only say that it can be S. oleraceus L. if we agree 1) phyllaries have more or less obtuse apices, 2) ligules of S. oleraceus can be hairy outside.

I imagine if this can be of help.

1. Perennial herb from long rhizomes; fruit ± compressed, 3–4-angled, 2-ribbed between angles ….. S. arvensis

2. Peduncles and phyllaries stalked-glandular ….. [subsp. arvensis]]

2′ Peduncles and phyllaries generally sessile-glandular, rarely tomentose ….. subsp. uliginosus

1′ Annual from taproots; fruit weakly to strongly flattened

3. Stem slender; leaves deeply lobed, lobes toothed and often with smaller 2° lobes; fruit only slightly flattened, transversely roughened; ligule > corolla tube; uncommon ….. S. tenerrimus

3′ Stem stout; leaves toothed or with wide lobes; fruit flat, with thin edges, smooth or cross-roughened; ligule <= corolla tube; widespread and common

4. Proximal (clasping) lobes of leaves rounded, strongly curved to coiled; fruit 3-ribbed per side, otherwise smooth; ligule < corolla tube ….. S. asper subsp. asper

4′ Proximal (clasping) lobes of leaves acute; fruit 2–4-ribbed and cross-wrinkled; ligule ± = corolla tube ….. S. oleraceus

Yes it is closest to S. oleraceous but leaves look totally different.

Many thanks … for the help to Id this plant.

… yes the leaves look very different. The leaves were very thin and soft . the spines also were soft