Launaea intybacea (Jacq.) Beauverd, “Bull. Soc. Bot. Genève, ser. 2, 2: 114. 1910.” 114 1910. (syn: Brachyramphus caribaeus DC.; Brachyramphus goraeensis (Lam.) DC.; Brachyramphus heyneanus Wight; Brachyramphus intybaceus (Jacq.) DC.; Brachyramphus remotiflorus (DC.) Kamelin; Brachyramphus sonchifolius Thwaites; Brachyramphus sonchifolius DC.; Brachyramphus taraxacoides DC.; Chondrilla indica Steud.; Chondrilla racemosa (Michx.) Poir.; Chondrilla sonchifolia Poir.; Cicerbita intybacea Wallr.; Lactuca goraeensis (Lam.) Sch.Bip. ..; Lactuca heyneana DC. [Illegitimate]; Lactuca intybacea Jacq. ex Murray; Lactuca intybacea Jacq.; Lactuca pinnatifida (Lour.) Merr.; Lactuca remotiflora DC.; Lactuca remotiflora DC. ex Wight; Lactuca runcinata DC.; Lactuca schimperi Jaub. & Spach; Launaea goraeensis (Lam.) O.Hoffm.; Launaea kuriensis Vierh.; Launaea remotiflora (DC. ex Wight) Amin ex Rech.f.; Phoenixopus intybaceus (Jacq.) Less.; Prenanthes sonchifolia Willd.; Scorzonera pinnatifida Lour.; Sonchus goraeensis Lam.) ?

Images by (Nidhan Singh – Id by Surajit Koley), (For
more photos & complete details, click on the links)



This one is a long pending id.. was shot from Tikkar taal area of Morni Hills..
wanted to know the exact id..
seems to be a Launaea..

Launaea species in efi.

Any chance of Lactuca heyneana DC. = Launaea intybacea (Jacq.) Beauverd =



The Plant List  GRIN  Flora of North America 

India Biodiversity Portal  

Flora of Eastern Karnataka, Volume 1  By N. P. Singh (Description & Keys Launaea procumbens & intybacea)


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