Stanhopea oculata (Lodd.) Lindl., Gen. Sp. Orchid. Pl. 158 1832. (syn: Ceratochilus oculatus G.Lodd.; Dendrobium grandiflorum Sw., nom. illeg.; Epidendrum cornutum Sessé & Moc., nom. illeg.; Stanhopea aurantia Lodd. ex P.N.Don; Stanhopea bucephalus Lindl.; Stanhopea cymbiformis Rchb.f.; Stanhopea guttata Beer; Stanhopea guttata K.Koch, nom. illeg.; Stanhopea jimenezii Archila, Pérez-García, Chiron & Szlach.; Stanhopea lindleyi Zucc.; Stanhopea minor Schltr.; Stanhopea oculata var. aureum Henshall; Stanhopea oculata var. barkeri Heynh.; Stanhopea oculata var. barkeriana Lindl.; Stanhopea oculata var. cinnamomum Henshall; Stanhopea oculata var. conspicua Regel; Stanhopea oculata var. constricta Klinge; Stanhopea oculata var. flava Planch.; Stanhopea oculata var. geniculata Klinge; Stanhopea oculata var. lindleyi (Zucc.) Lindl.; Stanhopea oculata major Lodd., nom. nud.; Stanhopea oculata var. meleagris auct.; Stanhopea oculata var. minor Heynh.; Stanhopea oculata pallida Lodd., nom. nud.; Stanhopea oculata var. viridiaurea Planch.; Stanhopea ornatissima Lem.);
S. Mexico to N. Nicaragua: Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico Gulf, Mexico Southeast, Mexico Southwest, Nicaragua as per POWO;


Orchid for ID – 06/08/13 – RK : Attachments (4). 3 posts by 2 authors.
This orchid is growing in a friend’s garden.- an old world Orchid.
Pics taken by my friend in Jayanagar, Bangalore.
The first 2 pics taken on 15/07/13 at around 10.45 am & the rest on 31/07/13 around 5.45 pm.
The flower is about 3″ in size I’m told.

Would appreciate Bot. & Common ID.

I think its a Stanhopea (J. Frost ex Hook. 1829) species. This genus is distributed in Central and South America.

Same Stanhopea oculata



Orchidaceae Fortnight – Stanhopea species ID? – 081013 : Attachments (6). 5 posts by 4 authors.

11/08/13 – 11am – Bangalore. Grows luxuriantly. Would appreciate correct species ID.

Very interesting American orchid. 

Looks like Stanhopea oculata.


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