Bulbostylis densa (Wall.) Hand.-Mazz., Vegetationsbilder 20(7): 16 1930. (Syn: Abildgaardia densa (Wall.) Lye; Bulbostylis capillaris f. densus (Wall.) C.B.Clarke; Bulbostylis capillaris var. trifida (Nees) C.B.Clarke; Bulbostylis densa subsp. densa ; Bulbostylis tenuissima Nakai [Illegitimate]; Bulbostylis trichokolea (Steud.) Beetle; Bulbostylis trifida (Nees) Nelmes; Fimbristylis capillacea Hochst. ex Steud.; Fimbristylis densa (Wall.) T.Koyama & T.I.Chuang [Illegitimate]; Fimbristylis trifida (Nees) Trin.; Isolepis densa (Wall.) Schult.; Isolepis densa (Wall.) Nees; Isolepis tenuissima D.Don [Illegitimate]; Isolepis trichokolea Steud.; Isolepis trifida Nees; Scirpus densus Wall.; Stenophyllus capillaris var. densus (Wall.) H.Pfeiff.; Stenophyllus capillaris var. laxa H.Pfeiff.; Stenophyllus capillaris subsp. trifidus (Nees) H.Pfeiff.; Stenophyllus densus f. trifidus (Wall.) H. Pfeiff.) ?;

Erect, tufted, non-rhizomatous annuals; culms 5-20 cm tall, capillary, smooth. Leaves shorter than the stems, capillary,c. 0.5 mm wide, apex acute; sheaths 3-4 mm long, loose, mouth oblique, acuminate with white 1-1.5 mm long hairs, pale coloured. Inflorescence simple,cymose, 5-8 x 4-5 mm, with usually 3 spikelets, the central one subsessile, lateral pedicelled; bracts 2-3, setaceous. Spikelets 2.5-3 x 1 mm,, oblong-acute, brown. Glumes spiral, 1-1.5 x 1 mm, ovate-acute, glabrous, muticous, strongly keeled, sides with reddish brown streaks, 1-2 basal ones empty and smaller. Stamen 1. Style linear, broader at base; stigmas 3. Nut c. 1 x 0.5 mm, obovate, triquetrous, white to stramineous, transversely wrinkled. 

Flowering and fruiting: September-December
Grasslands, rocky hills and road cuttings
Tropical Africa, Asia and Australia
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Sharing some pictures of Bulbostylis densa for ID verification. Pictures were shot at Surya Binayak, Bhaktapur, Nepal on 5 July 2016 at 5200 ft.




The Plant List Ver. 1.1  

Annotated checklist of Flowering plants of Nepal (Bulbostylis densa (Wall.) Hand.-Mazz. syn. Bulbostylis capillaris var. trifida (Nees) C. B. clarke, Isolepis densa (Wall.) Schult., Isolepis tenuissima D. Don, Isolepis trifida Nees)   

Flora of Pakistan (Bulbostylis densa (Wall. ex Roxb.) Hand.-Mazz.) 

Flora of China  (Bulbostylis densa (Wallich) Handel-Mazzetti syn. Scirpus densus Wallich in Roxburgh, Fl. Ind. 1: 231. 1820; Bulbostylis capillaris (Linnaeus) Kunth ex C. B. Clarke var. trifida (Kunth) C. B. Clarke; Isolepis densa (Wallich) Schultes; I. tenuissima D. Don; I. trifida Kunth.)

India Biodiversity Portal (Bulbostylis densa (Wall.) Hand.-Mazz.)  

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