Chlorophytum filipendulum subsp. amaniense (Engl.) Nordal & A.D.Poulsen, in Fl. Trop. E. Afr. Antheric.: 59 1998. (Syn: Chlorophytum amaniense Engl.);

Images by Ranjini Kamath – validation by A.H.Munshi, (inserted by Bhagyashri Ranade)


Chlorophytum amaniense – Fire Flash – 250813 – RK : Attachments (2). 1 post by 1 author.
I found the fruit unusual!!  Bangalore – 11/08/13 –  11.45am
I found this link useful.

Morphology apears to be Chlophyton amaniense 




Location: Hong Kong Park  
Date: 15 August 2018
Elevation: 200 ft.
Habit : Cultivated
Syn : Chlorophytum amaniense Engl.

new to me. thanks. pink stalks in a chlorophytum. great




The Plant List  GRIN  

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