Hooghly : one from a local vendor, for Ajinkya Ji : Attachments (3)

Could be Artemisia species.

It is Crossostephium chinense ‘Chinese wormwood’

Thank you very much.

Ornamental Plant For ID : Lalbagh,Bangalore : 200114 : AK-9 : Attachments (3). 9 posts by 4 authors.
Seen at the Lalbagh Nursery on 24/11/13.

Small, cultivated, potted plant.
Id please.

Looks like Artemisia chinensis

Thanks for a possible id.
On searching, I could not find any pictures relating to the ones I have posted.
Crossostephium chinense looked the same.
Experts kindly verify.

I think A. chinensis is a synonymous to Crossostephium chinense. Pls check the Plant List

I hope Artemisia stellarianaoften sold in nurseries wrongly as lavender.

efi thread

Thanks for the id and link to your pictures.

Kindly check this link.
I have posted two quite similar looking plants today, one is Artemisia stelleriana (the link you have provided) and other seems to be Crossostephium chinense.
I am getting confused between the two ids.
Kindly have a look at the link.

 To me it looks like Artemisia chinensis as … has suggested.

Yes, id as Artemisia chinensis is correct as per

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