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Today (23.8.13) at Sagargad, Alibag

Never seen such a beautiful color before. Very nice pictures.

Yes …,  what a beautiful creation, new to me!! thank you for sharing. May expertise in the fungi will take initiative and identify this tiny mushroom. 

Don’t know this beauty, maybe some Hygrocybe sp.

Agree with … This is a species of Hygrocybe. Please check this link :


Thank you …, i had a slight hesitation over Russula, but Russula seems to have thicker & white stipes, and also cap margin is different.

As it was suggested it looks like Hygrocybe, but the the complete dry pileus make us to reexamine. If the gills are photographed it might have thrown some more light. This beauty has to be looked again to confirm its identity.
One thing all the taxonomist  to remember  that we should record  the characters without ambiguity.  Then automatically the correct name or position  may be arrived based on that.   As far as mushrooms are concerned  the macrocopic characters often mislead  and that is the cause for many poisoning death occurs especially in the western world.
Please collect one more time and record the pileus gills and spilt open the fruit body in two halves vertically and take photos which may help us to arrive  at generic/family level.
However I love this beauty.  please collect and culture it which may a source for organic dye  as it was done in some  mushrooms in one Chennai lab.



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