ID request for this roadside herb from Haryana (300509SCS2) : Attachments (2). 5 posts by 3 authors.

I photographed this prostrate herb today (30.5.09) noon-time. Sonepat, Haryana. 
Could not work out its ID. Any guess please?
Is it species of Convolvulus?

It look like Chamaesyce serpyllifolia.

Thank you for the ID, based on this, I searched the net and the plant resembles with :
Chamaesyce parryi
English : Parry’s Spurge 
Wonder if it is found in India too.

It reminds me of something in Caryophyllaceae or Mollugonaceae (both Caryophyllales).  Regardless, not Euphorbia/Chamaesyce. Both Euphorbia/Chamaesyce serpillifolia and E. parryi are restricted to the Americas



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