Flora of Goa & Sawantwadi  ……………………………..
Incidently, there is one more species H.dalgadianum found in Maharashtra, which Dr. Almeida informs me was named by Dr.[Mrs] Almeida after my great grand-uncle Dr.D.G.Dalgado [a surgeon] who wrote a book in Portuguese titled [Flora of Goa & Sawantwadi].

Do you have a copy of your great uncle’s book?  I would be interested to see it.

Thanks … Came to know about the book [and my great grand-uncle being a botanist] only in May this year when I visited Dr. Almeida at Sawantwadi. He has a copy of the book which unfortunately I did not get to peruse and anyway it is in Portuguese. However, he did inform me that there is an English translation of the book which can be downloaded from the net [which I also have not been able to do yet].

Meanwhile, …, One must be thankful to your Great Grand father, Dr. S. R. Dalgado, who notably worked for bridging Portugese and Konkani languages. I never knew he wrote on floristic aspect too ! I would love to read his observations, please try to procure a copy and share.

A thought occured to me after reading your mail again. We are not talking here about my great grandfather Dr.S.G.Dalgado [who worked towards bridging the Portuguese and Konkani languages], but his brother my great grand-uncle Dr.D.G.Dalgado, the civil surgeon and [for me at least] the recently discovered botanist.

Thank you … for your comments and feedback. The book is available at these 2 sites :
Have ordered it online, but unfortunately it is in Portuguese. Dr. Almeida had informed me that an English transalation of the book is available on the net. Will try and find it.

Received the book today. Sending a few excerpts.

If you do lay your hands on the english version, i would dearly love a copy


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