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I am proceeding on a plant exploration in Upper Mandakini river in Uttarakhand. The target area is adjacent to Kedarnath valley. Hope to see few high altitude species in this visit.

Leaving Pantnagar on 9th September and will be back on 17th Sept. Since the visit is more adventurous, did not declared in advance.

Hope you have a new discovery.

..hope you complete the target and even beyond..

Returned yesterday (14th Sept. 2013) from a plant exploration visit, target area of which was changed from Kedarnath adjoining valley to Badrinath area. Kedarnath was inaccessible to people during 9-11thSeptember as a conflict between administration and local people at Phata, Sonprayag and curfew was imposed. Consequently, we changed our target area to Badrinath and adjacent places at the eleventh hour. The visit was OK with around 50 km on foot journey in search of plants.

Explored Alkapuri glacier (source of Alaknanda river) and Nilkanth base and glacier up to an altitude of 4200m altitude. Found some interesting catches…. will share later.

Attaching a picture of alpine landscape of Alkapuri area where Alaknanda river originate at the confluence of Satopanth and Bhagirath Kharak glacier. In fact I trekked to Satopanth glacial lake in 1990 too.

Hope to see many new species at efi.
What a wonderful shot too!!!

Awaiting the intersting catches from your trip to Alkapuri & alpines….

Nice to know that you enjoyed your trip …, despite being different from what you had initially planned…will be eagerly waiting for your uploads..the picture in this post too is awesome..

Excellent landscape with your mail. Really everybody will be wishing to join you in your explorations. 



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