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My booklet doesn’t feature this. (5.9.13)


Here is today’s (14.9.13) update.
5 images.

This fungus excretes coloured fluid as can be seen in the photographs.

Perhaps these are known something like bleeding fungus and come from –  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydnellum.

Probably this is Laetiporus, as you predicted. Please keep a watch on it until the mature basidiocarps emerge.

Thank you … I have visited this fungus again, today, it remains same. I am keeping a watch and upload photographs on its development, if any.

No not a Laetiporus/Chicken. It looks like it might be some kind of Inonotus. You are likely to have very different species there though.

Thank you Sir, found a list of Indian species, and description – http://mycosphere.org/pdfs/MC4_4_No16.pdf. But it is too complicated for me.



This is the latest state of this fungus, recorded yesterday (6.10.13). The last picture shows some small globular structure, growing beside this fungus; do not know if that can be any part of this fungus.

I watched it regularly, it onley keeps changing its colour. nothing else develops.

I think the fungus on the wood is decomposing and a hyperparasitic fungus is growing on it.

This is a new term to me, hyperparasitic fungus, searched the net and it informs that “a fungus growing on another fungus”!