VoF reopens? : 3 posts by 3 authors.
In the morning I was informed that VoF has been opened which is indeed a good news as I was afraid that it may not for couple of years after tye recent tragedy. Could anyone please confirm the news?

This is a good news…I am informed that way to Hemkunt Sahib has been opened 3 days back and Pilgrims have started going to..this implies that the valley should be open..

Yes yatra to Hemkund sahib is open now but remember it will end after few days on 30th September or so. Hemkund sahib has already experienced one snow fall during last 1-2 days and vegetation is now undergoing senescence. The good part of this news of opening of Hemkund Sahib is that it will open on scheduled time next year (1st June) and so will be the case of VoFlowers. Hope there are no avalanches/ landslides in early season next year. I am also eager to go beyond Hmkund Sahib around Saptsring area (5000m) to see snowline flora.
Hoping for a flowerful season next year.