Cyananthus integer Wall. ex Benth., Ill. Bot. Himal. Mts. 309 1836. (Syn: Cyananthus barbatus Edgew.);

Image by D.S.Rawat


Cyananthus integer from Uttarakhand : 1 image. 6 posts by 5 authors. 

Cyananthus integer Wall. ex Benth. (Campanulaceae) is a very rare herb and very less photographed in India. Typically it occurs on steep rocky slopes and blooms profusely but a late flowering species. Very little seed setting in this species may be one reason for its rarity.
This species is also listed in Red Data Book of Indian Plants as Rare species. It is endemic to Uttarakhand and West Nepal only.
The picture attached is a reproduction from my optical camera photo.
It must be a new addition to eFI.

That’s a great sighting sir very nice click

Thank you all for liking this rare beauty. Hope it survives in the habitats I have recorded. A study is in fact needed to understand its reproductive biology.



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