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Planning to plant few exotic/rare flowering plant in Delhi.. 
Please suggest the source also from where I can procure the plant.. 
Any advise ??

Sunder Nursery, Jagdish nursery, Supreme nursery

Please consider planting native species only. I feel it is ecologically more appropriate to plant only those species which belong to that region. Each native tree species carries along with it a small niche or micro-habitat of all other living things from lesser plants, fungi, insects, birds, and so on. If that plant happens to be a fig like banyan, then there is an entire world of living beings associated with it.
Some suggestions : Ficus species, Lagerstromia, Bombax ceiba, Butea monospema, Capparis sp and so on.
May be plants in the Delhi ridge could be a good choice.
Happy gardening.
May you help other creatures in your gardening pursuits.