Papilionanthe uniflora (Lindl.) Garay, Bot. Mus. Leafl. 23: 372 1974. (syn: Aerides longicornu Hook.f.; Aerides uniflora (Lindl.) Summerh.; Luisia uniflora (Lindl.) Blume; Mesoclastes uniflora Lindl.);  


Papilionanthe uniflora


May 2013

Thanks for this unique flower … 

I think this species is not Papilionanthe uniflora, in uniflora flowers are solitary rarely in pairs.

Thanks for informing, whether this is uniflora or not thats a different issue, but flowers are very rarely solitary. This goes strangely with the species name, uniflora !!!
If you search on internet, you can see plants with three flowers.
These character is never consistent.

Thanks Sir for your kind information

Thanks a lot …, you make me recheck some of my plants and help me resolve it in better way. I like this attitude.


SK 2647 03 July 2020 : 12 posts by 4 authors. 2 images- 7 mb each,
Location: Dahachok, Kathmandu
Date: 23 June 2020
Elevation: 1600 m.
Habitat: Wild
Any possibility to ID this Orchidaceae without flowering image ??

Cleisostoma flliforme (Lindl.) Garay ?? 

Cant really confirm even the genus from this.

Sorry, but yes could be Cleisostoma 

Thank you … Need to wait for next season. Missed due to lockdown this year!

Looks like Papilionanthe uniflora  

You may be right … The dangling plant bunch just look like the same ! 

I can agree to Papilionanthe uniflora. Although the name is uniflora meaning single flower, this plant does have more than one flower sometimes.

However, a flowering pic would be highly appreciated.

I shall try in September for flowers.