Grammatophyllum scriptum (L.) Blume, Rumphia 4: 48 1849. (syn: Cymbidium scriptum (L.) Sw.; Epidendrum papilionaceum Lam.; Epidendrum scriptum L.; Gabertia scripta (L.) Gaudich.; Grammatophyllum boweri F.Muell.; Grammatophyllum celebicum Schltr.; Grammatophyllum leopardinum Rchb.f.; Grammatophyllum scriptum var. boweri (F.Muell.) Schltr.; Grammatophyllum scriptum var. minahassae Schltr.; Grammatophyllum seegerianum Hook.f.; Vanda scripta (L.) Spreng.);
Maluku to Santa Cruz Islands: Bismarck Archipelago, Maluku, New Guinea, Santa Cruz Is., Solomon Is. as per POWO;


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My friend wants to know the name of an orchid from Papua.

Do you have the habit pics.

This looks like Grammatophyllum to me. Will have to check the species.

I will say Grammatophyllum scriptum.