Orchid for Id: Please identify this orchid.
Photo taken from a garden near Vellimadukunnu, Kozhikode, Kerala 

This is a hybrid of Dendrobium. Dont have much idea about hybrids. 

I think It is Dendrobium Sania

Well, if there can be a Dendrobium Amitabh Bachchan
there can also be a Dendrobium Sania Mirza! 

It is a typo, nothing to do with Sania Mirza.!!  Yes the Dendrobium Amitabh Bachchan is very popular in the Singapore Orchid Garden especially  Indians were very eager to see this orchid. 

Dendrobium Amitabh Bachhan: I am sending a photo of the Orchid – Dendrobium Amitabh Bachhan along with  the photo of the sign board.
This orchid was named after Mr. Amitabh Bachhan to commemorate his visit to  the famous National Orchid Garden, Singapore.
We should be proud that an orchid exists in the name of an Indian Celebrity. 

Place : National Orchid Garden, Singapore
Date : 14th May 2007

Habitat : Cultivated

It is really good and an honour for all of us Indians. In records, it will go as Dendroium ‘Amitabh Bachhan’ or Dendrobium cv. Amitabh Bachhan

Singapore botanic gardens is famous for producing hybrids. They are one of the pioneers. And then they name it after celebrities. If you go there and you pay a good amount to them, they may name one hybrid after you.

No no, this is not corruption. This is a way to popularize orchids.
Its all done to please valuable guests.
If I produce a hybrid I can name it after any one. No one can stop me. 

Its like, you go and pay and devote one orchid to your loved ones. I  would be going there next month 🙁 unfortunately I am not so rich….. 

I remember they had named a hybrid after Usha Narayanan, the wife of our late President K.R. Narayanan and it was wrongly mentioned that she was the wife of the Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee. Vajpayee being a bachelor would be shocked if he knew this.



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Dendrobium Amitabh Bachchan

Singapore Orchid Garden :   May 2008

Nice Shot …, This is great Honor to our country