Masdevallia ignea Rchb.f., Gard. Chron. 1871: 1482 1871. (Syn: Masdevallia boddaertii Linden ex André; Masdevallia ignea var. armeniaca B.S.Williams ……………………………..);




Orchidaceae fortnight : Masdevallia ignea : MN12 : Masdevallia ignea
Lloyds Orchid garden, Darjeeling
May 2013

Wonderful plant.
Thanks so much for sharing this amazing beauty….



This one was shot from LBG again, perhaps an exotic species, also not represented on FOI..
The placard read… Masdevallia ignea, and I cannot disagree..

Wow, wonderful. Not Asian though.

Masdevallia igneaRchb.f.

Orchid endemic to Colombia, grown in University of California Botanical Garden, photographed on 21-4-2019.

So hard to grow these in HK.




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