Bulbophyllum cariniflorum Rchb.f., Ann. Bot. Syst. 6: 258 1861. (syn: Bulbophyllum densiflorum Rolfe; Bulbophyllum flavidum Lucksom [Illegitimate]; Bulbophyllum pantlingii Lucksom);
Common name: Keeled Flower Bulbophyllum



This beautiful orchid was common over rocks in Kali Valley at around 1900-2000m altitude during July 2013. Not able to Identify. Please determine.

Bulbophyllum cariniflorum.



please conform wheather this is Bulbophyllym cariniflorum ? collected from Mahendragiri hill, above 4000 ft growing on moss laiden rocks and stones.

Yes this should be Bulbophyllum cariniflorum.


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