Over to Jim Corbet for three days : 12 posts by 8 authors.
We are going for a short visit to Jim Corbet National Park for three days with College students party. I will miss the Orchidaceae excitement for these three days. Hope to catch up from Monday Night onward. 

Keep an eye above head, you will see lot of Pelatantheria insectifera and few other epiphytic orchids. If you can look at the road side even from the vehicle you can see Phaius tankervilleae in flower.
Best of luck and have a nice trip.

Oh that is really nice.

I should be able to add a few more orchids on my return back.
Thanks for useful tips.

No sir you cant get down the vehicle, you can just stop it and have a look around from your vehicle. May be you would like to carry a telezoom lens.

Thanks for reminding. I will carry my sony alpha with telephoto lens. Even my Pansonic Lumix has 12 X zoom. It should help.

Call … and he will guide you where to enter to see those orchids.
His number is … He should be in Delhi right now.


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