# 31012011GS2 Ornamental orchid-2 for ID: Ornamental orchid-2 for ID sold in stores in California,
photographed in December..

– Another Phalaenopsis hybrid.

Phalaenopsis for sure but there are thousands of hybrid available in north america hence hard to say



# 31012011GS4 Ornamental orchid-4 for ID: Ornamental orchid-4 for ID sold in stores in California,
photographed in December..

–  This is also a Phalaenopsis hybrid. Just different parents involved with smaller size flowers.


# 31012011GS3 Ornamental orchid-3 for ID: Ornamental orchid-3 for ID sold in stores in California, photographed in December..

–  This is also a Phalaenopsis.


# 31012011GS5 Ornamental orchid-5 for ID: Ornamental orchid-5 for ID sold in stores in California,
photographed in December..

– Seen only in California, were flowering in plenty in December.

Phalaenopsis can flower year around but their main flowering season (at least when grown in Sweden) is late autumn after their new flower stalks are fully grown. They can resprout old flower stalks and produce more flowers during a long period of time so dont cut back old stalks until they are drying out.

– Phals flower for a long time. I saw the begining of flowers at TBGRI too. Thanks for sharing. Frankly I have very less idea about hybrids. just for your information there are around 120000 hybrids registered at Orchid Hybrid Registrar..

– Whether anyone comparing the changes in medicinal properties in hybrids with its wild parents?

   Just completed a report on Medicinal properties of Vanda mainly Vanda tessellata. We can give the Vanda hybrids to the Traditional Healers for comparing its medicinal properties with parents. Not sure whether
someone will take interest in it.
   Few days back I observed the use of this species on Quadriplegic patient with other herbs. In recent film “Gujarish” Hrithik played a role of Quadriplegic. It is considered as incurable but in Traditional Healing, the Healers believe in try.

– I have never heard of but there have been experiments to introduce genes which can enhance some medicinal properties. Not in orchids though.

– For Vanda, there is Dr. Martin Motes in USA who has the credit of creating maximum number of Vanda hybrids in the world, single handedly. He was recently in India too.


31012011GS1 Ornamental orchid-1 for ID: ornamental orchid sold in stores in California. 

This is an hybrid of Phalaenopsis orchid. 

Perhaps phalaenopsis ‘Nivacolor’

This is Phalaenopsis but a hybrid!!! 


Phalaenopsis hybrid – 070512 – RK: Pic taken in Los Altos, California on 28-03-11 at 1.30pm.


Orchidaceae Fortnight: Phalaeonopsis from California GS-23 Attachments (3). 5 posts by 5 authors.

Another Phalaeonopsis cultivar similar to (but perhaps distinct) ‘Pink’ photographed from Farmers Market in California

Yes Phalaenopsis hybrid. 



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