Dactylorhiza sambucina (L.) Soó, Nom. Nov. Gen. Dactylorhiza 3 1962. (syn: Dactylorchis sambucina (L.) Verm. ………………………………………);



Dactylorhiza sambucina (L.) Soó, Nom. Nov. Gen. Dactylorhiza: 3 (1962).
Orchis sambucina L., Fl. Suec., ed. 2: 312 (1755).
Orchis incarnata var. sambucina (L.) Lapeyr. ex Bubani, Fl. Pyren. 1: 125 (1897).
Dactylorchis sambucina (L.) Verm., Stud. Dactylorch.: 65 (1947).
Orchis sambucina var. rubra Winterl, Index Hort. Bot. Univ. Hung.: s.p. (1788).
Orchis incarnata Willd., Sp. Pl. 4: 80 (1805), nom. illeg.
Orchis schleicheri Sweet, Brit. Fl. Gard. 2: t. 199 (1827).
Orchis sambucina var. incarnata Gaudin, Fl. Helv. 4: 441 (1829).
Orchis saccata Rchb., Fl. Germ. Excurs.: 122 (1830), nom. illeg.
Orchis fasciculata Tineo in G.Gussone, Fl. Sicul. Syn. 2: 875 (1844).

Distribution: Europe
Please note the two colour forms. Three more colours.

Beautiful shots … Color variation is nice. Is this wild or from cultivated fields



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