Phalaenopsis [1] for ID – 300412 – RK: Pics taken at home, Bangalore on 13-11-2011 at 2.30 pm. Will appreciate ID. Will give more pics of details if necessary. Size of flowers about 21/2 ” across

Yes these are Phalaenopsis hybrids.




Phalaenopsis [4 ] hybrid – 010512 – RK -4: Pic taken at a friend’s placeBangalore on 16-11-11 at 2.30 pm.




Phalaenopsis hybrid close up – 010512m- RK: Pic taken in a Siddhapura Nursery, Bangalore, on 13-11-2011 at 11.30 am.



Phalaenopsis hybrid – 020512 – RK1: Pic taken at home, Bangalore on 23-03-12 at 5.30pm



Phalaenopsis amabilis – Moon Orchid – 010512 – RK 2:  ID open to correction. Pic taken at a friend’s place, Bangalore on 13-11-2011 at 12 noon.

Phalaenopsis hybrid.

I agree with … It is a hybrid that traces back to the white species Phalaenopsis amabilis


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