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Feasting on the leaf of Labarnum ?

will somebody explain this phenomena?

These are Arctiid Moth caterpillars. Some caterpillars of this group are referred to as ‘Woolly Bears’. They are often encountered along forest paths hanging from silken threads and have irritating hair which on contact can inflict a nasty rash. As seen here the caterpillars live together during their early instars as this grouping together acts as a deterrent to predators.

Sending a few photographs. [Will send some more later when I find them].

The arrangement of caterpillars creates an impression of a giant tree dwelling Yellow Thigh Spider (Tarantula) of Mygalomorph group, which scares away the predators of these caterpillars. Very interesting observation.

Interesting observation. Poecilotheria regalis [Yellow Thigh Spider] is a Mygalomorph / Cat-legged spider belonging to the Family Theraphosidae. It is an arboreal tarantula possibly the only one known to live socially and is extremely venemous. Have seen them in Matheran & Phansad. They have also been reported from the Borivali N.P. & Karnala.
Have not encountered them [or any other species of tarantula] in Shahapur and all my photographs have been taken on my property here, so am not too sure whether they are in fact mimicking only this particular tarantula, but will keep it in mind.
Sending a few more photographs.

… this is Poecilotheria regalis female at Phansad. Who is mimicking whom is an individual perception, this is mine. There can be a congregation of caterpillars that may show even the correct number of legs

Interesting…. I was thinking if it is just to give illusion of a lager size of the caterpillar to avoid predators !!
I also read somewhere there by coming together in one place they are able to increase their body temperature, which inturn helps in digestion.
Great observation mam !!