Dendrobium heyneanum Lindl., Gen. Sp. Orchid. Pl. 90 1830. (syn: Callista heyneana (Lindl.) Kuntze);


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Kindly examine and identify this Dendrobium sp (Orchidaceae)…….I understand that Dendrobium heyneana, Dendrobium panduratum and Dendrobium wightii are strikingly similar to one another.I could not place them appropriately…!?
Habitat:Epiphytic, growing close to the ground on lower branches,Evergreen forest
Sighting:Kottigehara,Chikmagalur,Karnataka,about 1100 msl

I will quote from Memoirs of Seidenfaden although I am not a big fan of this book:

This species is often confused with D. wightii, but the lip characters (obovate pinkish with white 3-lobed, erect acute sidelobes with green striped and orbicular-oblong midlone, subrotund, fleshy, incise crenate on margin and mucronate at the apex; disc with longitudinal calli) and laterally compressed stems of D. heyneanum are very characteristic.”
Now you plant shows all characters except the green markings on side lobes and I am not sure I do think there are two longitudinal calli on the lip. Hence this should be heyneanum.

But cant say that for sure. Cant see the stem.

Ok I am inclined to call this Dendrobium heyneanum. I see no hairs and then the margin is crenate.




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